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The production of food, natural gas extraction via hydraulic fracturing (aka 'fracking'), and the use of wireless technologies present significant implications for human health, and the processes by which regulations guiding these industries were established have many similarities.


This conference will examine the history of the standard-setting process in each of these three major industries, the state of scientific knowledge of the effects on the public's health from current practices, and ideas for establishing appropriate and protective regulatory guidelines going forward.


Our distinguished panel of speakers will examine how science has become affected by commerce, how regulatory and other official bodies continue to be influenced by corporate interference, and how those seeking solutions that are protective of public health can respond effectively. Click here to download a printable copy of the conference agenda.




9:00 AM:


Overview of Fracking, Food and Wireless
Moderator, Deborah Kopald, MBA


Kathy Nolan, MD: Unearthing Scientific and Health-Related Facts about Unconventional Methods of Oil & Gas Extraction.


Michael Hansen, PhD: From Farm to Fork: the Industrialization of Food Systems and Key Safety Issues.


David O. Carpenter, MD: EMF's (ELF & RF) from the Occupational and Military Literature to the Present (including Cancer, Neurotransmitter Diseases, Cardiovascular Effects and Radiowave Sickness).


History of Standard Setting and Sources of Exposure.
Moderator, Deborah Kopald, MBA


    ~There is no talk for fracking in this session as standards effectively do not exist.~


Michael Hansen, PhD: Labels and Food Safety from Lincoln to Obama.


David O. Carpenter, MD: The "Taxicab Standard" Legacy and Other Historical Aspects of RF Standard-Setting for Wireless Devices and Transmitters (Wi-Fi, Cell Towers, Cell Phones, Smart Meters).


Not before 1:00 PM:


Health Consequences of Current Policies
Moderators: Michael Hansen, PhD and Deborah Kopald, MBA




David Brown, ScD: Fracking in Southwest Pennsylvania: Predicted vs. Actual Results.


Paul A. Rubin, MA: Contaminant Flow Paths from Gas Wells to Homeowner Wells, Aquifers, Rivers and Reservoirs: Can Regulations Adequately Protect Freshwater Resources?




Will Allen, PhD: Who Invited These Chemicals to Dinner?


Dave Mortensen, PhD: Navigating a Critical Juncture for Ecologically Based Pest Management in our Food Supply.




Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD: Increased Risk for Brain Tumors from Cell Phone Use: The Update.


Magda Havas, PhD: Radiation from Wireless Technology Affects the Blood, the Heart, and the Autonomic Nervous System.




9:00 AM:


Corporate Influence on Science and Policy
Moderators: David O. Carpenter, MD and Deborah Kopald, MBA




Ronald E. Bishop, PhD: Historical Analysis of Oil and Gas Well Plugging in New York: Is the Regulatory System Working?


David Brown, ScD: The Human Health Implications of Incompletely Developed Standards for Unconventional Natural Gas.




Cheryl Rogowski, MacArthur Fellow: Processed Foods are Not a Food Group and Other Tales of Corporate Interference with the Production and Distribution of Healthy Food.


Sheldon Krimsky, PhD: GRAS: "Generally Regarded as Suspicious": When Corporations Took Over the Regulation of Food Additives.




State Representative Andrea Boland, MBA: Advancing Rational Wireless Public Policy in the Face of Overwhelming Resistance by Global Industry.


Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD: A Brief History of Scientific Misinterpretation and Doubt from Dioxins to Cell Phones.


Not before 1:00 PM:


Other Unconsidered Externalities of Current Industry Practices
Moderators: David O. Carpenter, MD and Deborah Kopald, MBA


Will Allen, PhD: Factory Farming and Climate Chaos.


Magda Havas, PhD: Electrosmog and Chronic Illness: Electrical Noise (Dirty Electricity) Exacerbates Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Skin Problems, Electrosensitivity, and Cancer.


Arline L. Bronzaft, PhD: Why Noise Matters.


Looking to the Future: Addressing the Source of Common Problems of Corporate Interference


How Campaign Contributions and Lobbying Affect Public Policy: A Conversation with Whitney North Seymour, Jr., Esq.


Super Q+A with all panelists; (Discussion of Solutions to Improve Public Health)