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Wireless Panelists' Presentations (The full panels from the conference will be posted in the near future)

Video 1:


David O. Carpenter, MD: Human Disease from Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields from Powerlines and Use of Electricity.


David O. Carpenter, MD: The "Taxicab Standard" Legacy and Standard-Setting for Wireless Devices and Transmitters (Wi-Fi, Cell Towers, Cell Phones, Smart Meters).


Video 2:


Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD: Increased Risk for Brain Tumors from Cell Phone Use: The Update.


Magda Havas, PhD: Radiation from Wireless Technology Affects the Blood, the Heart, and the Autonomic Nervous System.


Video 3:


State Representative Andrea Boland, MBA: Advancing Rational Wireless Public Policy in the Face of Overwhelming Resistance by Global Industry.


Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD: A Brief History of Scientific Misinterpretation and Doubt from Dioxins to Cell Phones.


Video 4:


Magda Havas, PhD: Electrosmog and Chronic Illness: Electrical Noise (Dirty Electricity) Exacerbates Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Skin Problems, Electrosensitivity, and Cancer.


Q+A with all panelists; (Discussion of Solutions to Improve Public Health).